Where will Bratislava grow?

Never ending traffic jams, few parking lots, congested city center, built- up vacant plots… The development of Bratislava has achieved its limits. The economy is thriving and new companies are created. New job opportunities attract new residents. Where to put them up?

One option is to go upwards and build new skyscrapers in the city center. There is another option without having to change the city character and obscuring the monuments- to support the development there, where the existing infrastructure is not yet overloaded. A fine example of such a locality is the north-western part of Bratislava between Devínska Nová Ves and Záhorská Bystrica.

Big investments have come here in the course of several years. These have contributed to improving the conditions for the development: tunnel Sitina, new roads, roundabouts, big shops and supermarkets, as well as the new Bory mall or the motorway feeder Stupava. Our biggest car plant contributed to a thriving economy in here.

The planned construction of a new ring road, the so-called “nultý obchvat” (motorway D4) and the tunnel underneath the Little Carpathians will optically close the city. “Looking at the map, it becomes clear that this location is one of few with the available place for big projects. Several urban studies and analyses in the north-western area of Bratislava confirm this”, says the architect Juraj Benetin from the Compass atelier and adds: “This development pole represents an ideal foundation on which it might grow – and without having to essentially change the existing status in the city centre or other city districts.“

There are many possibilities for development, ranging from residential zones with shops and service centers for residents, the logistic park for Volkswagen (as our only car plant it does not have it in the close vicinity of the plant), to a new graveyard or the church pastoral center with a kindergarten, school or the elderly care center.

This location with an area of approximately 600 ha is registered as arable land. The Centrop company, which has bought almost half of the plots, has been attempting to put through the plan for its development for several years. Its project has encountered inaction on the part of the authorities. At present, the developer is attempting to make the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava change the function of the plot parts to industrial production - allowing the construction of a logistic park, which would aid mainly Volkswagen and its suppliers.

There is a justified and a real proposal on the table. It comes just in time in connection with Volkswagen’s planned production expansion.