Centrop – Growing Fields

We are introducing the project Centrop, aimed at the urban development in the north-western part of the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava. It is situated in the cadastral area of the city parts Záhorská Bystrica and Devínska Nová Ves between the D2 motorway from Bratislava to the Czech Republic and the Volkswagen plant.

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Location details

Our vision

In accordance with the modern urban trends we are preparing the development of the north-western part of the Slovak capital city. The economic, social, sport and cultural life requirements have all been taken into account in this development pole of Bratislava.

The first phase is concentrated on the area of 70 ha in the immediate vicinity of the Volkswagen Slovakia plant. Our aim is to prepare the plots for the real estate developers. At present, the plots are registered as agricultural land in the zoning plan of the capital city. It is therefore important to change their function.

Our activity

The Project Centrop, managed by the company Reform Capital, owns approximately a half of the plots, which are in the circumference of the landaggregations with the area of more than 600 ha. We have already invested here approximately 150 million Euros in the past years. We are preparing the plots for the future developers, who are oriented at the construction of a particular function - at first, the logistic park for Volkswagen, later it might be the housing for its employees, civic amenities, services, shops, sports facilities, parks and playgrounds for families with children

Zoning plan change

The municipality of the capital city of Slovakia is responsible for the change of the zoning plan. We are focusing on the change of the zoning plan of the plots at the car plant Volkswagen Slovakia because of its supplier and logistic park.

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zoning plan change


On 17th August 202, the Decision on the approval of the implementation of the land merger project in Záhorská Bystrica and Devínská Nová Ves, issued by the Bratislava District Office under the file number Sp. zn. OU-BA-PLO-2020/85757 / TKO of 24th July 2020, was pronounced legally valid.

The participants of the land merger process acquired ownership of the new parcels, in accordance with the renewal of the cadastral map by new mapping in the cadastral area of Záhorská Bystrica, officially verified by the Bratislava District Office cadastral department on 17th July 2020 under number G2-1 / 2020 and in the cadastral area of Devínska Nová Ves, officially verified by the Bratislava District Office cadastral department on 17th July 2020 under number G2-2 / 2020.


About our company

We control the investments

Reform Capital is an international investment management firm focused on special situation investment opportunities in emerging Europe, plot assessment and high risk investment opportunities in the field of energetics and public services. Reform Capital has over US$300 million of equity capital under management provided by international institutional investors.

International influence

Reform Capital was founded in 2003 by former investment bankers, Marek Chatrný and Martin Drázský. Both of them having rich experience from Wall Street and from the City of London. The company has offices in Prague, Bratislava and Wroclaw.

Investment opportunities

Reform Capital is looking for high risk investment opportunities in high volumes. Either on its own or in cooperation with creative partners from local companies, it creates values by means of reasonable solutions and investment assessments.

Individual approach

Reform Capital may be characterized by a corporate structure with a unique investment approach, thanks to which it is flexible, adaptive and fast. Financial and strategic solutions are tailored based on particular requirements of the clients.


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