More about zoning plan change

The municipality of the capital city of Slovakia is responsible for the change of the zoning plan. We are focusing on the change of the zoning plan of the plots at the car plant Volkswagen Slovakia because of its supplier and logistic park.

Volkswagen invested more than a billion Euro into expanding its production capacities, as well as expanding the volume of produced models. VW Slovakia – plant in Bratislava - is one of the flagships of the whole concern. The majority of its suppliers is 30 and more km distant from the plant. The construction of the new supplier center will enable them to move closer to the plant, causing an increased effectivity of supplying and decreased traffic risk and overloading of the adjacent D2 motorway.

The second step might be the construction of accessible housing for the company employees. The next goal is to adjust the area based on the needs of the residents and companies set up in this location. Before any construction may even begin, it is necessary to merge the fragmented parcels and change the function of the land use in the zoning plan of the capital city. We are financing the land aggregation processes which take place in accordance with the land aggregation law, whereby the state is the living gestor. At the end of this process, all of the owners will have settled their plots in their entirety and in a meaningful shape, i.e. not in fragmented parts.