More about land merger

In order to conduct merger, land settlement and elimination of scattered ownership in the project Centrop, it is necessary to carry out simple land consolidations ( SLC ). Centrop s.r.o., as the investor of SLC assigned this process to renowned specialists from the company AGROCONS Banská Bystrica, s.r.o.- one of the biggest companies in Slovakia active in the field of providing geodetic and cartographic services. AGROCONS Banská Bystrica, s.r.o. is the processor of individual stages of the SLC. It prepares all the statements and documents for the participants of the SLC, it negotiates with all the participants in the presence of the administrative authorities- The Land and Forest Department of the District Office Bratislava.

The Land and Forest Department of the District Office Bratislava acts as an administrative authority, which secures and guarantees the procedural part f the project. It participates in all the negotiations with the participants of the land consolidations, approves all the stages and issues decisions, sends all the notices under its heading, oversees the lawfulness and transparency of the whole process. It also makes sure that all the participants are treated the same way.

The goal of the simple land consolidation is:

  • to decrease the fragmentation of the ownership of an individual owner
  • each of them will have their own plot – decrease in the number of co- ownerships after the land aggregation
  • achieving a simpler and more purposeful parcel shape
  • parcels in the C register, not the E register will be created, a binding area and plot type
  • a new access to each plot will be created
  • agricultural development due to the transparency of ownership relations, conditions for closing correct land rental relations
  • improvement of water economy relations in the country, prevention of wind and water erosion, flood threat elimination

Our land consolidations is based on clear rules which guarantee transparency and success of the whole land consolidation:

Rule No. 1: The investor Centrop took over the burden and it is going to contribute its plots to the main access roads and other common facilities and measures - the total area is 26,5 ha.

Rule No. 2: The original owners will remain in all the parts (sectors). For example, there, where the area plan has been approved, biocenter Kamenáče, junkyard etc.

Rule No. 3: The owners will move though the particular sectors only with their own consent.

Simple land consolidations, in the part of the cadastral areas Zahorská Bystrica and Devinská Nová Ves, were permitted by the the District Land Office Decision, file No. 1154/09/0156/12/KVA of December 24 2012. At the end of 2013, the Register of the Original State was approved. On April 12 2016, based on the decision of file No. OU-BA-PLO-2016/76306/OKU, The Land and Forest Department of the District Office Bratislava approved the General Principles of the Functional Arrangement of the Area. They represent a sum of measures, which should create conditions for the fulfilment of the land consolidation goals. Their main goal is a new exemption and accessibility of the particular plots.

During the years 2016 and 2017, the Land and Forest Department of the District Office Bratislava negotiated proposals and requirements with the owners in order to assign new plots. According to the results of legal rules and approved General Principles of the Functional Arrangement of the Area in the perimeter of SLC and local conditions, the Land and Forest Department of the District Office agreed with the association of participants on the new plot placement principles on October 16, 2017.