The development of Bratislava on greenfields

We are introducing the project Centrop, aimed at the urban development in the north-western part of the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava. It is situated in the cadastral area of the city parts Záhorská Bystrica and Devínska Nová Ves between the D2 motorway from Bratislava to the Czech Republic and the Volkswagen plant.

A new commercial, industrial and residential part could be created here in future. It would provide the residents with housing, work and entertainment and the same time with pulsating economics, social and cultural life with a lot of work opportunities. The companies and the businessmen might find it interesting due to its generous space for business, production and logistics.

At present, we are concentrating on a pilot project, within which a new supplier and logistic park for our biggest car plant could come into existence.

More about the location

Centrop has an ideal location for Bratislava´s future development.

The location has a perfect traffic accessibility. The infrastructure built in this part of Bratislava has not been used up to its fullest potential yet- for example the tunnel Sitina, new roads, roundabouts at the shopping centres or the motorway feeder Stupava. A new ring road will be constructed alongside the border of the plot.

There is also a very favourable environment for life - the area is surrounded by mountains, which are a part of the natural conservation areas. A network of tourist pathways and cycling routes extending from the forests to the river Danube and the Freedom Bridge (most Slobody) are build there. It is possible to cross the bridge and comfortably get to Austria.

mapa The project Centrop is aimed at the area marked with green.